Allnite Trucking is an expanding transportation company that services western Canada’s oilfield. Over 2 decades of dedication and customer service have been promoted by Allnite and its employees. Many of the current employees have advanced from within the organization and with Allnite Trucking’s managements guidance they turned a job into a career. New employees with drive and determination are always welcome and urged to grow as individuals with the company. Allnite was born from a family concept and still retains much of that atmosphere. Employees are not numbers, they are faces, voices, and creative individuals; and we want them to succeed and return safely to their families with a feeling of achievement.

Do you enjoy travel? Do you enjoy working as a team? Can you creatively solve challenging problems? Are you looking for an organization that values your skills? Do you want to advance and grow with the company? Are you new to the industry and want to learn with an experienced group of career minded people? Do you want to work with a safety conscious group of people and enjoy more about work than a pay cheque?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions, consider a career with Allnite Trucking Ltd.

1) We offer competitive wages for all divisions of our organization.

2) Benefits through Sunlife include

  • Prescription drugs and hospitalization
  • Paramedical Services
  • Dental
  • Short term/ Long term Disability
  • Life Insurance

(50% of coverage paid by Allnite)

3) Cellular phone plans

4) Assigned trucks for our driving force

5) Team of highly motivated and experienced professionals to assist you in your career

Work-Life Programs

Time Off: Scheduled time off for vacation leave is based on years of service following federal government regulations. Vacation pay is added to each pay cheque allowing the employee to decide how his or her money is utilized. Nonresident workers are offered flexible scheduling to allow them the opportunity to travel home and spend valuable time with their families.

Seasonal Employees: Many workers have shared in Allnite Trucking’s seasonal work programs. We will try to accommodate employees with camp based projects during winter months and we can schedule rotations during summer months for out of province workers.

Educational Assistance: Allnite Trucking honors the apprenticeship program for all trades and has aided many individuals in their search for a qualified trade certificate.

  • Heavy Equipment Technicians
  • Journeyman Welders
  • Crane Operators

Allnite also offers training for determined individuals wanting to obtain their Class 1 driver’s license.

  • Aid in obtaining a recognized Air Brake course
  • Aid in obtaining written and practical portions of the exams
  • Driving instruction during work related operations.
  • Guaranteed work for successful candidates

Additional training is obtainable through Allnite Trucking’s safety department or by one of their consultation companies. A few of the possible courses are listed below.

  • H2S
  • 1st Aid
  • Godi
  • PST
  • Loader/ skid steer
  • Accident Investigation

Allnite Trucking’s drug and alcohol policy provides a safe work environment for its employees and for the public that we operate and travel with daily. Pre-employment testing is a requirement and insures safe access of our employees into many of our client’s projects and at the end of the job it brings our employees home safely.